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the wayward compass: jack/anamaria

title: the wayward compass
author: flameandignite or moi! :-)
characters: jack, anamaria, mention of elizabeth
rating: pg
summary: jack's compass has always pointed to the thing he desired the most. so why does it point to anamaria who is mere seconds away from the fate of hanging at the gallows? jack/anamaria
disclaimer: i don't own pirates and if i did, the films would have either stopped after cotbp or just centered itself altogether on jack sparrow and jack sparrow along, with a nice finishing touch of anamaria by his side :-)
author's notes: although i've written numerous accounts of fanfiction and original fiction, this is my first attempt at jack/anamaria fanfiction and there is a prequel in the works for this fic, leading up to jack and anamaria's third encounter (so there is definitely more to why anamaria feels the way she feels and jack feels the way he feels in this fic). back story, yay! it's going to be a multi-chapter creation and rather lengthy so i'm building up my pirate writing skill as i write the earlier fic. feedback is welcomed wholeheartedly! and i would love to have a beta help me with my pirate knowledge and writing, btw!
link: "you'd be an unfortunate duck"
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