Geek Mama (geekmama) wrote in jackanamaria,
Geek Mama

Vignettes by Amberlin (1/4)

Title: The Beginning
Author: Amberlin
Disclaimer: Pirates and their environs are Disney's
Pairing: Jack/Anamaria
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Posting these for the esteemed Amberlin (her name -- she has no LJ), and for myself as they are no longer on and I want to be able to rec and link them. This series of vignettes was among the first online fanfiction I ever read three years ago, and I still love them for their unique style and great characterizations. I think they are very true to canon, too: one of many directions the story might have gone after CotBP. My profuse thanks to the author for allowing me to post these here. The link goes to pirategasm. Any feedback will no doubt be greatly appreciated.

Part 1: The Beginning
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